CSR Consulting

CSR Consulting / Social Research

CSR Consulting

As per the recent guidelines issued by the Government of India under section 135 of the companies act (Schedule VII) it is expected that 2% of the net profits need to be spent on carrying CSR activities.  Many organizations do not have concrete plans or idea on how to carry out sustainable CSR initiatives that will benefit the Society.  Many organizations donate money or carry out some activities which may not be need based.  Implementing CSR activities among the stakeholders give in return their commitment and loyalty to the organization.  This indirectly helps in earning more profits.   The CSR initiatives are usually carried out within the area of operation of the plant which covers areas like rural development, health, education, women empowerment, environment, water, pollution and social issues. Now however companies can carry out CSR Projects in any part of the Country.

Mr. Anil Dhaneshwar, Managing Director of our Company is a CSR Consultant trained by Center for Promoting Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) Netherlands.  He has gone through 11 month program on consulting skills in CSR and has offered CSR Consulting services and training to many large domestic and MNCs in India .  He is also Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt of India Certified Corporate Trainer and has worked on CSR Consulting projects, Social Audit, Need Assessment and Impact Assessment studies in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Rural Development, Woman Empowerment, Skill Development etc. He is also on the CSR Advisory Boards and Committees of many Banks, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing etc.

  • Preparation of CSR Plans
  • CSR Training
  • Need based/Impact assessment Studies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Preparation of CSR Manual, Statutory Compliance
  • Annual CSR Reports
  • Building CSR capability for international market
  • Interaction with stakeholders  (Clients, Employees, Shareholders, Vendors and the Society)
  • CSR Impact Evaluation Studies
  • Social Audit of CSR projects

Genesis will be glad to help you out in effective implementation of CSR activities and carry out third party evaluation and assessment of the programs.  This helps the Organization in assessing the benefits to the stakeholders and ensures that they are need based and useful to them.  Formation of CSR Committee and its regular meetings and documenting the activities help in building a bond of Trust and lasting relationship with the stakeholders of the company.

Social Research

We carry out various socio economic studies on subjects like rural development, employment, population, health, health care, literacy, water, environment, water, irrigation, agriculture et.   We have carried out qualitative and quantitative studies in this sector. We have offered our services to various NGOs, Government Departments and corporate companies in carrying out following studies:-

  • Baseline assessment Studies
  • Impact evaluation studies
  • Benchmark evaluation studies
  • Socio economic studies
  • Life style studies
  • Social research studies
  • Consumption & tracking studies
  • Media & advertisement recall studies
  • Opinion polls

List of our clients include names of India International Development Enterprise, New Delhi, IPAS, New Delhi, Petroleum conservation & Research Association, New Delhi Rotary International, command Area Development Authority, Irrigation Department, Agricultural & Rural Development Department, Govt. of Maharashtra, NABARD,  Miraj Group, Udaipur, Vritti Solutions Ltd., Pune. We are also approved as research agency by various NGOs, Government Department, Public & Private charitable Trusts and companies.