CATI Services

Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview Services

India  is well known and well established in CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview) services and so is  Genesis in Pune, India. The company is offering CATI services to many leading companies. We have 25 seater CATI Center  covering all major Indian languages in addition to English. Our research associates have experience and expertise in offering CATI services to market research companies, manufacturing companies, retailing, education,  banking, insurance, telecom, social research etc. for Indian as well as international companies.  We would be glad to be a partner in your progress. We also offer wide range of research supporting services like data collection data updation, customer satisfaction study, secondary research, product updates, country reports, product updates,  business scenario, etc. The  Company has experienced researchers and executives having relevant work  experience with the companies of national and international repute.  Our team consists of researchers with multiple and varied education backgrounds from engineering, IT, pharma, social sciences, economics, management, commerce, etc.

These CATI and secondary research services are always cost effective and has a quick turnout which captures most relevant trends in the industry.  Some such reports completed by us are on food products, industrial products, education sector, life style and consumption studies etc. for companies like KR Bakes, Triplan, Germany Hussey Seating Systems, USA, Ziad Abbasi Associates, Jordan, EJIW, USA.  All these reports were successfully carried on secondary sources with most updated information and actionable results.  We would be glad to offer our services to you in these areas on long term basis working as an in-house Market Research Department of your Company.

The main advantage of working with Genesis is that our origins are those of a full-service agency having moved into providing market research services for global clients. Therefore we have a strong domain understanding of market research that enables us to add substantial value to our MR outsourcing projects. Our teams of experience research executive have expertise in market analytics, charting, presentation and report writing across all industry verticals. Genesis offers outbound CATI interviewing from our Pune Office covering entire India to speaking in English and all major Indian languages.

The Company conducts both B2C and B2B studies, Tracking studies, Indicator Opinion, Polls on CATI. We have experience in completing projects on consumer products, banking, insurance, telecom, automobile, industrial products, healthcare etc.. Genesis has experienced research associates who are efficient and have a full understanding of telephonic interviews, project management and quality assurance team manages overall operations for the project, briefing, training, quality checks and data delivery. Extensive training of the associates is carried out for language proficiency, understanding of the questionnaire, background of the study, and telephonic etiquettes. We also have field teams in case of personal interviews are to be conducted PAN india in local languages.

All interviewers, suprvisors, project managers and quality team are fully trained to the market research industrys IQCS standards and adhere to the standards set by MRSI and ESOMAR code of conduct. During training, the interviewers are further briefed on various topics including the importance of accurate and ethical interviewing. Probing is done and comments and views of the respondents are also gathered tactically.

The data collection aspect through CATI is closely monitored for both voice and data quality by separate in-house team specialized for the same. To a minimum of 15% to 20% of all completed interviews are monitored by our internal quality assurance team in various formats such as Voice Checks, Back Checks, Real Time Checks and Data Validation Checks.. Recordings are provided to the clients on request.

We have been successfully carrying out business and consumer sentiment survey over last 5 years through CATI for one of the largest stock exchange from Germany having Indicator Division based in London, UK over last 5 years successfully in time.  We deliver data and results as per calendar predecided and approved and authentic and validated data is uploaded by our team on the website of the international client on schedule each month. Our quality parameters include voice check that covers checking critical errors such as leading, biasing, skipping, adherence to the text etc. and non critical errors such as probing, soft skills etc. Back check covers checking the screeners and quality of the interview with the respondent. In data quality parameters, the details of the data-verification of pattern, branching, output format, accuracy of data, cleaning of the data as per the specifications, etc. are thoroughly checked.

Genesis is the leading provider of market research solutions through CATI for market research data processing and tabulation services. Genesis teams experienced researchers in market research techniques handle data processing and tabulation for clients across the globe, completing many of data processing and tabulation projects every year. Our analysts have expertise across industry-standard packages and tools such as SAS, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Quantum, SPSS, SPSS Dimensions, Wincross, R and others. CATI and Data analysis has thus proved to be cost-effective producing timely results and is a need of the hour for quick turnout of the reports more for tracking related or satisfaction studies.