1) The Headline Genesis India Consumer Indicator Stood at 54 for the month of October 2017. This shows the consumer buying sentiment is coming positive on some attributes like automobile, jewellery, real estate, apparels, business conditions, pricing in general. Some of the indicators viz. employment, pricing of commodities and pricing of gasoline is on a negative side and consumers have expressed discomfort on these 3 attributes.

2) 86.8% of the respondents complained that the prices of fuel were very high. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the taxes and levies have been continuously hiked over the past couple of years. It will be interesting to note how consumers react next month given that the centre has cut excise on fuel by Rs. 2/ Ltr for petrol and diesel.

3) 59.4% of the respondents have voiced their concern over high general price levels in their regions. This is likely due to late arrival of monsoon, excessive and extended rains in some parts of the country which has damaged standing crops of fruits, vegetables, pulses, paddy and flowers.

4) The negative impact of GST is felt more since Vendors and Service providers have profiteered since GST implementation in July where the general expectation was that prices should have come down for most of the goods and services. 55% of the respondents have said that due to this their daily life is affected.

5) The sentiment was slowly turning positive when it came to purchase of electronics and white goods. Consumers were more likely to purchase new mobile phones in this segment. The consumer durable market was highly optimistic across the country due to festive season.

The sentiments were upbeat since the survey was carried out in October 2017 which had many festivals like Navaratri, Dassera and Diwali.

6) As high as 37% of the respondents did online shopping for Diwali festival. Online shopping is happening across all age groups though 83% of the online shoppers were in the age brackets of 18-54. Age is no bar when it comes to online shopping in India. Senior citizens were not too far off compared to young generation.

7) Electronics & apparels were preferred items for online shopping.

8) Amazon, most popular in South, was a clear winner leaving others including Flipkart far behind.

9) It appears that the real estate market is picking up and coming out of slow down. We have to see if it continues further. GICI for Real Estate stands at 56. A stability in prices was observed across regions.

10) Tanishq and Kalyan Jewellers are Most Popular Brands across India while Regional Brands have also emerged like PNG & Ranka in West, GRT In South, PC Chandra in North & South. Local Jewellery Shops are competing against established brands in their own way through customer relationship. Jewellery market was upbeat too with the Indicator at 60 for October.

11) The overall perception on Infrastructure Development and business appear satisfactory while employment is showing declining trend in East, Central and South Regions.

12) The aftermath of GST still continue while dust appear to be settling for demonetisation and 61% of the respondents felt that it was a right move and have accepted the same in a positive way.