1) The Genesis India Consumer Indicator was steady at 51.4 for the month of December 2017. Automotive, Real Estate, and Jewellery continue to stay above GICI for December while business and employment has dropped below over previous month.

2) Number of respondents shopping online has increased sharply to 39% in December from 33% in the previous month and we are back to the highs seen during the Festive season. Electronics and apparels were the preferred categories.

3) Fashion accessories has seen the highest jump in online shopping category. More than 25% of online shoppers have purchased a fashion accessory up from 17% in the month of November.

4) There is a marked improvement in the Northern region on consumer sentiment for Real estate, likely factor for this could be rapid progress by the NCLT on a few large defaulting real estate companies. The National real estate indicator has continued to remain stable. Central region is still the most promising real estate market for consumers.

5) The Automobile sector inches up higher. Respondents in South India are more in favor of buying a 2 wheeler as compared to a car. A similar trend was observed in the previous month as well.

6) The future outlook for employment and business is expected to fall as compared to the present status, whereas the future outlook for Infrastructure development is above the current indicator.

7) The Commodity indicators for Dec., 2017 as against National Indicator at 51.4 were as under

  • Electronic Goods 66
  • Automotive 62
  • Jewelry 57
  • Business Conditions 49
  • Real Estate 56
  • Employment 48
  • Pricing of Essentials 46
  • Pricing of Gasoline 32

(Above 50 indicates positive consumer sentiment while a reading below 50 indicates negative consumer sentiment)