1) The Genesis India Consumer Indicator has risen sharply at 56.41 for January. This is the highest level since October 2017. Automotive, Consumer Durables and Jewellery continue to stay above GICI.

2) Number of respondents shopping online has fallen this month to 32%. Electronics is showing a declining trend for the 3rd consecutive month.

3) Fashion accessories, Apparel has seen a jump in online shopping category. More than 34% of online shoppers have purchased a fashion accessory.

4) The Automobile sector inches up higher. The 4 wheeler industry sold 3.2 million cars in 2017.The 2 wheeler sales for 2017 were 19 million.

5) The current and future outlook for employment, business and infrastructure has improved compared to the previous month.

6) The Sectoral indicators for Jan., 2018 were as under :-

  • Automotive 63.87
  • Consumer Durables 63.3
  • Jewellery 58.14
  • Real Estate 55.86
  • Business 54.23
  • Pricing of essential commodities 51.29
  • Employment 49.6

(Above 50 indicates positive consumer sentiment while a reading below 50 indicates negative consumer sentiment)