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Genesis India Consumer Indicator declined to 63.59 in June 2019 from 64.47 in March, 2019


  1. The Genesis India Consumer Indicator (GICI) declined to 63.59% in June 2019 from 64.47% recorded in March, 2019.
  2. Four out of the five components which comprise the GICI declined in June, 2019. Only durable goods buying conditions increased over the previous quarter, while all others have declined though marginally except automobile which declined by 3.40%
  3. Respondents were more pessimistic about automobile, business, employment, pricing of essential goods, automobile and their current financial situation.
  4. The respondents do have rising expectations from the new Modi Government and expect immediate corrective action to improve on business, employment and infrastructure. Enforcement of law & order was also on their agenda. They further expect that the things will change for better overall with the new Modi Govt. in power
  5. This month special questions were on consumption of edible oil. Dhara, Fortune and Sundrop were top 3 brands by recall and consumption.
  6. The Indian consumers appear to be consuming sunflower, mustard and coconut oil by preference and the average consumption of edible oil was between 2 to 3 kgs. per family per month.