1) The Genesis India Consumer Indicator has risen to 57.91 from 56.41 in the previous month. This is the highest level since October 2017.

2) Household goods and Fashion accessories are witnessing a continuous uptrend over the past few months and these categories are expected to do well in the future.

3) The real estate sentiments are also at the highest since October 2017 backed by affordable housing increasing allocation to infrastructure that’s helping the sentiment.

4) 46% of the new 2 wheeler buyers are going to prefer Honda bikes and scooters followed by a distant Hero at 2nd spot.

5) Only 22% of Indians have given an above average rating to the Budget. While another 22% have expressed their concern for lack of any measures for the middle income class.

6) A few of the Sectoral indicators for Feb., 2018 were as under :-

  • Consumer Durables -65.08
  • Automobiles- 63.45
  • Financial situation- 60.49
  • Real Estate-59.19
  • Pricing of essential commodities-55.22

(Above 50 indicates positive consumer sentiment while a reading below 50 indicates negative consumer sentiment)