1) The Headline Genesis India Consumer Indicator Stood at 51 for the month of November 2017. Automotive, Real Estate, Consumer durables and Jewelry continue to be rising albeit slow over October 2017.

2) Dis-satisfaction continue on attributes like pricing of essentials, gasoline and employment opportunities. However the respondents were not positive on employment front and hoping the employment situation may improve during next 3 months.

3) The respondents across India but more from South India were highly dis-satisfied on the pricing of essentials. The indicator for this was as low as 32 for South India against National Indicator of 51%

4) East, West and Central is showing improvement on Real Estate front were at much higher as against National Indicator.

5) As high as 33% of the respondents did online shopping during the month though 4% lesser over previous month. . On-line shopping is getting very well established across Indian cities and the Western India is on the top. Electronics, apparels and household goods were preferred items for online shopping and this trend will continue over next 3 months

6) As far as selective economic conditions were concerned it appears respondents were positive on infrastructure development and business outlook while negative on present employment conditions but were hopeful it will improve during next 3 months.


7) The Commodity indicators for Nov., 2017 as against National Indicator at 51.4 were as under


Electronic Goods 64

Automotive 61

Jewelry 57

Business Conditions 53

Real Estate 52

Employment 47

Pricing of Essentials 43

Pricing of Gasoline 34