Customer Satisfaction Studies 
In this competitive environment and rising customer expectations knowing level of customer satisfaction and understanding their requirements becomes absolutely essential. Genesis has carried out satisfaction studies across banking, insurance, telecom, automotive, healthcare, industrial products, chemicals, fertilizers, FMCG, durable for many domestic and international companies.

Demand Estimation Studies
With the rising economies and the disposable incomes the spending habits of the customers are changing and the consumption is also rising. On account of this the manufacturing, imports and exports of the given products or services are rising and the competition too. Before taking any investment decision it therefore becomes essential to study demand potential in value and volume terms, growth rate, market shares, competition, scope for new entrant and accordingly prepare market entry strategy for the given markets.

Opinion Polls
On account of extensive use of social media the opinions and views of the customers, people, community has been consistently changing either in favour or against in the area of social, economical, political, environmental,media, organizational, community etc. This helps in understanding what people feel about any particular product, service or the given situation This helps in addressing the emerging opportunities and address the issues, if any, if carried out on regular basis.

Baseline & Impact Assessment Studies
Before launching any scheme or program in the area of water, literacy, education, healthcare, agriculture, rural development, employment, skill development etc. it is essential to understand actual needs of the community under baseline studies. Impact assessment studies makes critical assessment of the benefits accrued to the beneficiaries in the society and to what extent the program has been successful in changing lives of the community for better. We have done such projects for leading corporate companies under CSR, NGOs, international funding agencies, foundations and trusts within and outside India under social research domain.

Location Studies
Many products or services are area specific and they have to be at right time and at right place. Some services like hospitality, education, healthcare and products like auto components, textile, food processing, cement plant etc. are absolutely location specific. We need to assess and critically analyze whether the business we plan to start at certain location will be successful or not. This report helps you to make the business decision successful through this insight which are location specific.

Net Promoters Score (NPS)
These types of studies are called under tracking studies to divide customers into promoters neutral and defractors. These are usually carried out where relationship with the customers matters a lot typically in the BIFS and manufacturing sectors. Our team has extended theses services to many companies in manufacturing, industrial products and services like BIFS, Retailing, Healthcare, Education etc.

International Market Research 
This is another area where we have so far completed over 50 assignmentsa by deputing our team of researchers to study the given market or country in various industrial products, FMCG, E-commerce, automotive and services. This third party assessment helps in understanding the ground realities, entry barriers, market size, Govt. rules & regulations, statotory compliances and then prepare road map for successful market entry in the given country. Our team has carried out such international studies in Europe, North America, Far East and South East Asian countries successfully.

Assistance to Ph.D. Students
Many aspiring Ph.D./M.Phil scholars as well as academicians, professional, professors are facing challenges in pursing and completing their thesis, article or write up in time. This is because most of them are either working and also do not adequate resources for questionnaire design, data collection, data analysis, compiling information on secondary sources which is useful in completing the writings. Keeping this in view we would be glad to assist Ph.D./M.Phil. students in all the research related areas mentioned above in a cost effective manner. We have the field investigators on all India basis and also have a team of data analysts, researchers who can write report and facilitating you reaching to your goals in completing further studies. Interested students, professors, teachers and professional are welcome to take our professional help in fulfilling their education asapirations and dreams in a time bound and cost effective manner.


Focus Group Discussions 
This is one of the best methods of qualitative researches to get quick insight into the mindset of the consumers in the area of FMCG products, healthcare, education, consumer durable, automotive, telecom and BFIS sector. The consumers open up in the group and come out with the positives and negatives of the given products and services and lets us know their expectations to become successful on launch.

 Product Placement
In this case the target consumers are given the product to taste or use and then gather their feedback on quality, colour, smell, size, contents, message, packaging etc. The insight helps us in understannding their views, opinions and first impressions if the product will be bought by the consumer on launch. This is called as Acid Test of the product and helps in modifying the product suitably to become successful in the market.

Mystery Audit
A very popular methodology in qualitative studies across services sector like BFSI, automotive, consumer durable, telecom, retailing to judge effectiveness of the sales & marketing team, overall display in and outside the shop, positives and negatives from a decoy customer angle and third party assessment. A very cost effective and quick result is a pecularity of this method with guaranteed success.

Observation Surveys
It is very effective method in an competitive environment where the Researcher makes only observations and notes down his observations, happenings, activities etc. particularly on the type of crowd, their dress codes, behaviour, group actions, overall environment and position the product or service of the client effectively. The Researcher comes out with his impartial assessment of the facts from the market, community, area, demography, city or a country.

Eye Tracking Studies
In this method the movement of eyes of the target respondent are caught to see which part of the product, packaging or advertisement is catching his attention. This also helps in identifying the part of the product which the consumer has liked more to trigger his mind for impuse buying.

In-depth Interviews
When the target respondent is representative of the group this is supposed to be an effective methodology to get quick insight of the target consumers. The in-depth interview is usually an open ended discussion which moves around key points or issues to know responses of the respondents. The audio and video recording of such interviews help researcher to come to logical conclusions to give suitable advice to the client.

Ethanography Research
This type of method is very useful in understanding culture, behaviour and the natural environment in which the community or target people are in through a indepth observational method. The Researcher has to get into first hand experience of the environment of the community and make observation and the reasoning behind their behaviour, beliefs, thoughts etc. Thus the researcher gets acclimatized with the environment and makes observations, findings and can give recommendations. This may be of short or long duration as well or combination there of.

Case Studies
This is a method whereby the Researcher goes in detail about a particular event, product or an organization. The Researcher has to collect or ask for the details and then goes to explain an organization or entity in a lucid manner to come out either with a success or a failure story as a learning to others. Though appear simple but it is one of the complex methods as the Researcher need to have complete understanding land expertise of the facts and then make interpretations to logical conclusions

Our research solutions are tailor-made depending on needs, priorities and concerns of the client. On receiving research brief from the client Genesis would be able to suggest the proper method of qualitative or quantitative or combination of the two, to deliver the best of research solutions.

Business Development Services

With the team of industry experts, consultants, professionals, researchers, academicians we will be glad to assist you in making your business grow in and outside India.  The focus areas will be on manufacturing activities of machine tools, capacitors, industrial machinery, process plant equipment, chemicals, auto components, dies & moulds, castings and forgings, food products, FMCG, durable etc.  These services would include doing market research, market size estimation, preparation of distribution strategy, marketing & sales, promotion, quality certifications, export capability building etc.

The Medium & Small Business units face tough challenge on account of competition from manufacturers from China, Europe, Mexico, Bangladesh and many other countries for the various products.  It therefore becomes absolutely essential to identify and address the emerging business opportunities in the domestic and international markets.  This include many areas in which the SME has to prepare itself to take on the opportunities for growth in business.  This may include key issues on pricing, quality, customer expectations, packaging, duty structure and many more issues.

Our team of experts would be glad to assist you in the following areas:-

  • Lead generation
  • Export and international business development
  • Domestic business development
  • Marketing Plans and its implementation
  • Creating a distribution network
  • Identification of business matching  partner
  • Technology transfer
  • Identification of stockists and distributors
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Website preparation and SEO promotion
  • Preparation of product literature & brochure
  • Training to sales & marketing team
  • Liaison with Consultants and Government agencies
  • Obtaining relevant Licences and permits
  • Human resource, recruitment and planning

We have offered our services to many SMEs in building their capability for export and domestic market Do write to us at your earliest.  We would be glad to make you grow in domestic and international markets.

Export Consulting

We offer export marketing and consultancy services to Indian as well as foreign companies to find matching partner for contract outsourced manufacturing in various sectors like Auto components, Dies and Mould, Food & Food Products, Castings & Forgings, Chemicals, OEMs, Engineering, CATI Services and others. We have also helped foreign companies to enter into Indian Market by carrying out Demand Potential Study & helping them making logistics and distribution arrangements.

We have so far offered these services to many SMEs in India in finding out export potentials in EU countries, participation in trade fairs, identifying matching partners for marketing, logistics, and technology alliance. Mr. Anil Dhaneshwar, is statutory auditor, has undergone extensive training program with CBI, the Netherlands on behalf of TEDO which is promoted by CII and Ministry of Commerce. Govt. of India.

We have capability and experience in offering following areas.


  • International Market Research
  • Export Marketing Plan
  • Market Access Requirements
  • Product Market Combination and Confrontation Matrix
  • International Accreditations and Approvals
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Participation in Trade Fairs
  • Lead Generation and follow up thereon
  • Conversion into business opportunities
  • Participation in Trade Fairs, Identification on JV partner for Marketing, Production, Logistics and Technology.